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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

6 Unique Ways to Create Google Adsense Account

6 Unique Ways to Create Google Adsense Account

6 Unique Ways to Create Google Adsense Account

 if you want to earn money on internet than the most legit and dependable method is known as Google Adsense. I have seen many programs online and join them as well but sooner or later they turned into scam and eventually I lose all my money and time too. So if anybody wants to earn money but don’t wanted to take risk then Adsense is for you. Adsense is an advertising program from Google in which you put some code on your blog or website and they show some ads via this code onto your website.


All this seems very easy and good but the hard part is that Google is very strict when it comes to Adsense program and policies. So you have to realize the fact that you have to take Adsense seriously like a business and be patient. The good thing is that you can create Google Adsense account via 6 different ways which means that if any way is not suitable for you, you can create your account via another way. But the thing is same for all ways that put unique fresh and quality content on each website so that Google will not ban your Adsense account.

6 Unique Ways to Create Google Adsense Account

1. Flixya

If you don’t have blog/website than you can still create Google Adsense account with the help of Flixya. Flixya is a social networking Revenue sharing website where you share images, videos and blogs with other users and make friends. In all this fun activity you also make money. When you create free account on Flixya they give you your personal username URL so that when a visitor visits your URL they see only content uploaded by you. Around your content you can also publish Google Adsense ads.
Just upload your own images, videos or blogs and after 10 content uploads Flixya gives you the option to signup Google Adsense via Monetize menu. After that you have to fill Adsense form and wait for 1 or 2 days. If Google have no objection on your content your account will approved and you can display adds on Flixya as well as website which is according to Google Program and policies.

2. Docstoc

You can also create Google Adsense account via Docstoc. Docstoc is a website where you can upload documents, templates, E-books, forms, paper materiel and presentation. So signup free on Docstoc and upload your very own text files, word files or any documents and earn money with Google Adsense account. Remember Use same E-mail for Docstoc and Adsense as they send you E-mail for verification. After verification your account will activate in about one week time.

3. IndyaRocks

IndyaRocks is a social networking website like Facebook. But unlike Facebook which make billions of dollars and give you nothing at all IndyaRocks gives 100% commission back to its users. Google authorize 3 Adsense ad units in one page, IndyaRocks after creating your profile will place one Adsense unit on every page of yours . For account approval all you have to do is write 2 quality and unique blogs and upload 10 images on there site and apply for Google Adsense. Its fun and very easy to join IndyaRocks and create Adsense account as well.

4. Hubpages

If you don’t know about Hubpages than you seriously need to study this website. You can take double benefits from this website. Join free on Hubpages today and create your full profile. After that write 2 or 3 quality articles and publish them on HubPages. Now first of all include a back link to your blog or website in these articles. Hubpages is a very High page rank website and Google gives preference to its back link. So by writing and uploading articles to Hubpages you create a quality back link for your blog as well as you can apply for Google Adsense.

5. WebAnswers

If you have used Yahoo Answers before than its very easy for you to use Webanswers because its very much similar to Yahoo Answers. All you have to do is to answer some of the questions asked by this website members and apply for Adsense after some time. Again this website can give you quality back link. Simply leave URL of your blog in the related questions ask by the members and take advantage of the high quality back-link.

6. BloggerParty

Bloggerparty is yet another Revenue Sharing Blogging Community in which you have to share your thoughts, Experiences, Articles, Tricks and tips you learn over the years. Between all this fun activity you can also make money by applying for Google Adsense account. You can also create link-back to your blog or website which is good for your blog authority in the eyes of search engines.